Why are learning disabilities still seen as mental illness?

Southwestern Lunatic Asylum, Marion, Virginia (now Southwestern State Hospital) There’s an ongoing misconception that learning/developmental disabilities/differences are actually forms of mental illness. Although mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety disorders, are common in the LD/DD community, they’re not the same … Continue reading →

Why isn’t the disability community more unified?

Although individual disabilities make up a small part of the population, when all disabilities are combined, we make up a large portion. Why, then, are we still virtually invisible in the larger world? courtesy of Unsplash Are You Disabled Enough?Because … Continue reading →

5 Ways To Make Disabilities Realistic

I’ve been thinking about ways to make characters with invisible disabilities, learning disabilities/differences in particular, more true to the experience. Here are five ways I’ve come up with. Diversity Within DisabilityI’ve noticed that most characters with a particular disability/difference, like … Continue reading →

#TeachHer STEM

Small selection of my book collection. Book stores are hazardous to my bank account. One middle school summer, I wandered into the local library’s neurology section and took a college text home. Over the next several weeks, I read about … Continue reading →