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This semester, I transferred to a new college to earn my bachelor’s degree. That’s a big time/energy commitment in and of itself, especially when you throw job hunting and holidays on top. I have it mostly sorted out, but I also have my neurodivergence and health to take into account. Who doesn’t love nightmare holiday root canals, sinus infections, and asthma flares?

In addition to all of the run of the mill college stuff, I had to meet with my former school’s accessibility resource center to see if they needed to transfer anything over, since that was never covered during intake, then another meeting with the new school’s center. This new school provided a lot more information about available resources, which is fantastic, and I plan on taking advantage of quite a few, but that also means more meetings on top of classes and hopefully a new job.

I need more spoons.

Six spoons on a wooden tabletop.


Tomorrow’s the first day of classes, and it’ll probably be pretty exhausting, since not only do I need to run an errand before the 3 hour class, I have a phone interview at 7 pm. Wednesday, I go back to campus to meet with another advisor. (I’m collecting them! So far, I have three.) From there, it’s probably back to more job hunting, depending on how the interview goes, figuring out how to fit scholarship applications and writing opportunities into the schedule, plus the stuff I want to get in place for this blog.

I realize I’m incredibly lucky to even have the opportunity to continue on with my education, and live in a place where accommodations are available. I’m grateful for that, but this is still so much more tiring and stressful than it should be.

Hey, at least I’m not hurting or sick anymore, right?

Oh. Wait. Pain will come again next week. I have a final dental appointment on Monday.


Happy New Year?


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