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Life just hasn’t been cooperating with me lately, but I’m taking a break from this homework to squeak out a quick blog entry. I have news to share!

A white woman holding a certificate in front of the projection of the PTK emblem.

I still don’t recognize myself with the short hair. (Photo credit goes to my sister)

This past Wednesday, I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa – the National Honors Society. Quite frankly, I’m still a little stunned that I made it. I’ll probably always feel like there was a clerical error somewhere along the way, especially considering how poorly I used to do in my early schooling.

The top of a middle school test with "17 minutes" written by myself as a child, flanked by a teacher's handwriting in red "Very shiny" and "almost fast". Included because of how passive aggressive the "almost fast" thing was.

Shame the teacher who wrote that I was “almost fast” on that test and punished me for low grades isn’t around anymore. I’d love to show her how well I’m doing. The past is the past, though. It may inform the present, but it’s better to focus on building a better future.

I do hope this accomplishment will help inspire the young dyslexics currently struggling to keep at it. I believe in you.

As for now, I should get back to this homework.


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