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Being a mom is no easy task. I have no human kids, but quite a few of my friends do. The moms among them share the most about what they go through, so it’s not hard to get a peek at how much work goes into childcare.

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The Gladiolis – symbolic of strength. Pink is symbolic of love, and yellow of friendship.
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No, not all parents are perfect, or even approaching that impossible status, but the best ones do everything they can to raise happy, healthy, and resilient kids. The societal stigma of neurodivergence, disability, and chronic illness is a bear to handle, but having supporting parents makes all the difference in the world.

So, thanks the Special Needs Moms for:

  • Endless hours of phone calls to medical professionals, schools, insurance companies, and lawyers
  • IEP meetings, IEP meetings, IEP meetings, IEP meetings, IEP meetings
  • Making sure IEP guidelines are being met
  • Parent/teacher meetings
  • More IEP meetings
  • Taking extra effort to provide your kids with an escape from the constant pressures of living in an unfriendly world
  • Studying up on how your kids function and finding ways to build on what they can currently do
  • Never giving up, even when others tell you to
  • Facing down the boundless judgement foisted upon women, moms, and especially moms of kids who need extra help

There’s far more that goes into being a mother; far more than I could ever list here. I’m sure my moms can add to that list, as they all took on the challenges I presented them, and kept us all alive to tell the tale. I thank each of them for everything they’ve done and everything they continue to do.

If it weren’t for all of you who do everything you can to make sure your kids get all the chances they can, our world wouldn’t be the magnificently diverse place it is today.

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