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Last Friday marked the end of Spring Semester for me. My brain has been thoroughly fried, and words have been more challenging than usual.

It’s been a long semester, but it has been eventful! In addition to my second 4.0 in a row, I have earned my Level 1 College Reading & Learning Association certification. Hopefully, I’ll get my Level 2 next semester.

A white woman's hand holding a red and black lanyard with a round pin on it. The pin is metalic with aqua words, "Certified Program" around the edges. In the middle, on an aqua background, are the stylized metallic letters "CRLA".

I’m all official and whatnot.

Now that I’m finally done for the summer, outside of some tutoring and maybe one or two non-credit online classes, I can dedicate more time and brainpower to the blog.

Starting this Friday, I will be including a tiny bit of fiction each week. This fits in with the rest of the blog, because I identify simultaneously as a writer and learning disabled. Showing range in genre will help illustrate how none of us are as two dimensional as stereotypes make us out to be, plus it’ll help me flex some of my fiction muscles.

I will also be writing about of few of the things I’ve learned from earning my new certification. The training included some fantastic tutoring methods that translate beautifully into teaching and learning.

Finally, I’m still waiting to find out if I made it onto panels at my yearly convention, CONvergence. The applicable panels to this blog are “Representing Disability in Fantasy Settings”, and “Diversity, Class Systems, and Equality in Science Fiction”. Even if I don’t get to be on them, I might attend and write-up review entries here.

As always, I am open to suggestions, as well. If you’d like to see me write about something in particular, please e-mail me at especk1979@hotmail.com or contact me on the Facebook Page. Please be aware, if you’d like me to review a product or write about a specific for-pay service, I will request an advertising fee per entry.

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