Homeadults with learning disabilitiesAh, Spring cleaning.

Sure, it’s a little early, but my spring break was last week. As usual, I had hoped to get a ton of stuff done, including getting caught up with this blog, putting some sort of plan in place for Ability Chat, spring cleaning and assorted other things.

Instead, I spent it addressing various dramas at home, taking some time to relax, and cleaning/reorganizing my office. A grand total of 4-5 bags and 6 boxes of donations later, I was ready to move furniture around. Now, I love my set up.

The corner of an L shaped desk, with large, colorful posters on the wall, a latice-style book stand with nick-nacks and writing books on it, a desk lamp, TMNT water bottle, box of tissues and some desk organizing tools on it.

It’s amazing how much of a change just reorganizing things can make. Here are a few of the improvements that will help my executive functioning here at home:

  • Moved my storage drawers under the desk
  • Established more accessible spots for school/reference books
  • Moved our paper shredder into the office
  • Established a spot for bills and set up a routine for dealing with it as it comes in

Hopefully, this will work for longer than my previous system did. My desk had also originally been in front of a window, which was terrible for focus. Now that it’s facing a corner, I should be able to dedicate more attention to tasks at hand without the distraction of movement in our back yard.

That said, being the person I am, I still want a certain amount of decoration. I’ve always been more comfortable in a homey, lived in environment, after all.

A cup full of writing utensils with a picture of Renji Abarai from Bleach on the left side of the picture. What looks like a box with the outline of a meditating person on the front, a rose quartz hawk and yellow plastic chicken on the corners and a paint brush behind them on the right. In the back is a textured white board.

Hawk and Chicken – sounds like makings for a fable.

My next step is to try blocking time off to do writing related things beyond homework, which, by the way, I still need to do. Although planner apps don’t work for me, I’m hunting for a good time blocking app.

I’ve discovered that if I can ignore the clock, I function much more efficiently, which is why I have 5 alarms for a typical week day. That may sound a bit excessive, but it helps keep me to my work/school schedule and reminds me to feed the cats. Maybe that last one isn’t necessary, but it HAS also trained them not to bug me until it goes off. It’s like Pavlov’s bell, but with cell phones and cats.

Anyway, the only problem with only using alarms is I don’t have the visual cues to help me estimate how much time I need to do self-directed tasks. That may be part of why I have so much trouble getting non-school writing done in time for my self-set deadlines.

If I can find a good app, I will share it here with a review. As for now? I guess I should get some of that homework done.

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