HomedyslexiaCurious about what reading with dyslexia is like?

Lately, school has been eating my brain, so by the time I get home, finish with homework and writing obligations to other people, I have a hard time writing here. That’s a topic for another entry.

One of my classes is American Literature focuses on works from just after the Civil War to present day. The reading I was slogging my way through yesterday reminded me powerfully of how much of a struggle dyslexia is.

I know for a fact that if people without dyslexia tried reading it, they’d have a peek into how hard it can be for dyslexic students.

A screenshot of phonetically spelled writing.

Why, you ask? Because the majority of it is phonetically written and full of words that have been obsolete for my entire life, I answer.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Sho nuff, it rain de nex’ day, en de oberseah went ober ter Aun’ Peggy’s wid Henry. En Aun’ Peggy say dat bein’ ez Henry didn’ know ’bout de goopher, en et de grapes in ign’ance er de quinseconces, she reckon she mought be able fer ter take de goopher off’n him. So she fotch out er bottle wid some canjuh medicine in it, en po’d some out in a g’od fer Henry ter drink. He manage ter git it down; he say it tas’e like whiskey wid sump’n bitter in it. She ‘lowed dat’ud keep de goopher off’n him tel de spring; but w’en de sap begin ter rise in de grapevimes he ha ter come en see her agin, en she tell him w’at e’s ter do.” (From The Goophered Grapevine, by Charles W. Chesnutt)

Chesnutt used that type of writing to illustrate how the former slave told the story, as the piece was written not long after the Civil War ended. I have to analyze it, but I’ll need to re-read it a few more times until I can figure out the whole picture.

My struggles with it aside, if any of my non-dyslexic readers want to get a little taste of how frustrating reading is for dyslexics, look up pieces like The Goophered Grapevine.

Now, I should get back to attempting to get some sort of understanding out of this homework.


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