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You can always tell how busy I get by how the mess on my desk evolves.

Stacks of stuff.

I think that’s probably a pretty common phenomenon, especially in the neurodiverse community. I mean, just look at an image search of Einstein’s desk for comparison. Although I don’t think he was ever formally diagnosed, he shows all the signs of giftedness mixed with learning disabilities.

Sometimes, I wonder what his bookmarks would look like if he lived in the modern age. Would he have more organization, or would his bookmarks look more like mine? For the record, mine’s a mess of folders and random bookmarks I couldn’t be bothered to sort out.

Since starting this entry on Monday, I’ve actually managed to tidy my desk. At least the stacks are more organized, now.

Two stacks of books next to a stack of folders, notebooks, books and magazines.

Yeah, that probably won’t last too long. For the record, the books on the far left are text books for next semester, plus I need something like three more, stuff for a client in the middle and materials for this semester, a planning notebook for my fiction series and a bunch of magazines I’ll one day get around to reading.

How DO people keep everything organized?! I need a new system.

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