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Ah, 2016. What can I say about this year? It’s been long, eventful, and while not entirely good, not all bad, either.

I know the New Year represents endings and new beginnings, life doesn’t conform to manufactured concepts like dates and times. We make plans, we set goals, and we create routines, but life has a way of destroying all of that order we work so hard to put in place.

All that being as it is, we still need to have something to reach for, and deadlines help us reach those goals.

For me personally, this past year has been one of renewing old, tentative dreams, and 2017 will be continuation of those efforts. As difficult as it has been, and no doubt will continue to be, I know I’ll make it through it somehow.

Our focus may be on moving forward, but there’s no better time to reflect on what we have right at this moment. For me, that’s preparing for an interview for a tutoring position next week, getting my systems ready for the next semester and enjoying the company of people I care about – both online and off.

I know we’re all in for a fight next year, but for now, let’s enjoy what we have and celebrate the strength our pasts have helped us develop.

Happy New Year, all.


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