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A red notebook with the words "Planner Review: Daily/Monthly Mead Planner" superimposed in white.Right around a year ago, I decided to try using a planner to organize my days. My major weakness has always been time management. I still have trouble with it, but having somewhere to organize tasks and deadlines helps.

I’ve picked up a more customizable planner, but Mead’s Daily/Monthly Planner, has good points.

A double-page monthly view of November.

Month View
Part of what drew me to this particular planner was the many available views. Since I need to be able to see and scribble down dates, a monthly view is immensely helpful. I would have liked the boxes for the days to be a bit bigger, but that’s probably not workable without a desk planner.

A planner's daily view for a week in November.

Daily View
Now, the daily view is what won me over with this planner, as opposed to the others I saw. It’s helpful to be able to write out what I need to do at least a couple of days in advance, so I can cross each item off as I go. It’s a pre-written to-do list, but when I can see that day’s obligations as well as other tasks, it’s easier to manage time.

I think that’s the primary reason I have so much trouble with time management. Not only do I have a hard time estimating how long it takes me to do something, but it’s difficult remembering dates and times.

In fact, the semester is almost over, and I still can’t remember exactly when my classes start and end without looking.

Lined paper bound with a metal spiral with the word "Notes" in the upper righthand corner.

Ah, the notes section. My greatest friend and worst enemy. The space where the “Hey, I want to remember this!” and “That look’s interesting, I need to check it out later” bits go to die. Or live on. It depends on if I remember to look at them.

Still, it’s nice to have a section available to put those things. I believe I have a couple of pages dedicated to a knitting pattern, and a few sections dedicated to other flotsam.

Months sorted into years with the days organized per weekday.

Years Ahead
Now, this section will be useful for, oh, three more years. A little silly, I know, but it’s still handy having the months and years lain out for me ahead of time.

Other Features
There are a couple of other features, like the section for usernames and passwords. That section is a  questionable, since you want that info secure. If you don’t fill that section out, this is a good planner to take with you on the go. If you do use it, I’d leave it home.

There’s also a grid at the beginning of the planner, divided by month and day. It must have something to do with goals? I don’t know. I couldn’t find anything online regarding how to use it, so I just left it blank. I’m sure it’s useful to someone. Hey, if any of my readers know, feel free to drop a comment and enlighten me.

Final Thoughts
This is a pretty decent little planner. It’s a nice size to fit into a medium-sized purse or carry around in a book bag, and it’s excellent for basic use. However, I eventually found it wasn’t flexible enough for what I need. Without using a sticky-note, I had a hard time keeping track of what week I was on. I’m not fond of just using it for a year, before needing to replace it, either.

If you’re looking for a nice, basic yearly planner with a couple of extra bonuses, this is a decent choice. It’s great for those of us who need a little extra room to write down daily tasks in order to remember them.

Title page for Daily/Monthly Planner, January through December 2016.

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