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As numbers rolled in from the American election last night, I found myself getting sinking into despair. A Trump presidency spells out nothing but increased struggle for everyone who’s already fighting a broken system.

In the case of most of my readers, that falls firmly in the realm of surviving with any sort of disability, and advocating with children with disabilities. A big part of me is scared

Very scared.

I’m a woman, I have hidden disabilities, I have a chronic illness that’s severely sensitive to environmental factors, I don’t subscribe to the Christian faith, and I do not come from a rich family background. Those are all things the majority of the newly elected officials don’t care about, and will do their best to erase. The same goes for all people of color and anyone who isn’t heterosexual.

This. Is. Devastating.

a view up the wall of a destroyed mill, with bright blue sky and clouds above.

Even when we hit a wall, there are always options.

When we only look at those challenges, the picture is pretty bleak. But where there’s resistance to hatred and bigotry, there’s hope.

This blog has been an outlet for my disabled experience from the start. With the current changes, I hope to use it to create a unifying movement – inclusive of disability, of course, but also race, gender, sexual orientation and religion.

Today, I am following leads for local community action groups from one of my teachers, and I plan on compiling a list for my followers to check out.

America has taken a colossal step backwards. The new people in office must be held accountable to the world from day one. It’s time for each and every one of us to do whatever we can to do so.

Protesters have taken to the streets, but not all of us can join them. Instead, let’s work from the background and create change on a deeper level.

No wallowing in despair. Let’s turn this fear, anger and sadness into action.

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