HomeschoolIt Must be Possible, but It Still Boggles My Mind

Since starting school again, I’m a little amazed at teacher expectation and how neurotypical students seem to meet it.

Last week, for example, I had a 50 question multiple choice test. It was open book, but when I went through it after finishing, I found that my dyslexia had kicked in and selected a couple wrong answers for me when I knew the correct one.

Since I get extra time, I took it in a private room. I finished in an hour, and felt pretty good about it. I didn’t take nearly as long as I thought I would.

Yet, when I went down to the classroom to discuss something else with the teacher, I found the classroom locked and dark. The teacher was in his office, and it looked like he was already pretty far into whatever he was doing.

Really? How long did it take my classmates to finish the test? Does it really take that much less time for someone without LD to take tests?

Later this month, I have a midterm for another class. Again, I do get extra time, but those who don’t are expected to write three 500 word essays on questions assigned by the teacher in 90 minutes. That’s a minimum of 1500 words within an hour and a half.

This is a professor who has been teaching for over 20 years, so she has a good understanding of how long it takes most students to do that. That still seems like a lot to write in that span of time.

Thankfully, she posts the questions, along with other potential questions, beforehand, tells us to take notes on what we want to include in our answers and allows us to take our notes with us. It shouldn’t be too terrible, at least.

I hope, anyway. Well, now that I think about it, it takes me under an hour to write around 1500 words on one topic. I think switching between topics is what gets to me.

That said, I do seem to be doing pretty well in my classes. I have a low A in the class with the midterm coming up, full credit for what the teacher has graded in my comp class and seem to be doing decently in the third class.

This surprise strikes me as interesting, though. The first time around, none of this shocked me. I guess that extra 10+ years of perspective had an influence.

That said, I should get back to finishing the last of the homework for this class, so I can get started with the stuff for another one.

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