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How in the world is Halloween two weeks away? I feel like it was New Year’s just yesterday.

Like last year and the one before, I’m doing the Teal Pumpkin Project. Here are just five reasons I’ll keep doing it every Halloween.

One larger teal pumpkin next to a smaller, lit up blue jack-o-lantern with glitter on it.Kids First!
There are many reasons why kids can’t have candy. Of course, there are deadly food allergies, but there are also digestive diseases. As most families with autistic kids can tell you, tactile defensiveness can be a massive barrier to eating, and candy’s no different. Handing out non-food items is a fantastic way of including those kids in this holiday.

Choice is Good
The candy I get is usually popular, but the toys always go faster. That’s probably in large part because the kids collect so much candy that something different is a welcome change.

Less Leftover Candy
Since I’m not buying as much candy, there’s not as much, if any, left over to tempt the husband and me. We both enjoy sugary treats, but they just don’t sit with us as well as they used to.

4. Sneaky Stocking Stuffers
Depending on the toys I get, left over toys are fun gifts for the kiddos in my life. Shh, don’t tell them.

5. Treating Mind, Body and Heart
There’s a huge variety of toys available. If you want to get deeply into the Halloween spirit, spider rings and fake fangs aren’t hard to find. Many places also carry Halloween themed pencils, erasers and notepads. Those things all encourage creative play, which is always a good thing for young bodies and minds. If you search for party favors, a whole world of options opens up. There are fantastic squeeze toys perfect for sensory stimulation and fine motor development. A quick search will yield all sorts of options, and many of them are very affordable.

Like so many programs and accommodations originally intended for people with disabilities or dietary restrictions, this one can benefit everyone. Why not spread a little more Halloween fun to kids who otherwise miss out?

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