HomehumorMy Procrastinator Monkey May Be MIA, But My Exhaustion Sloth Is In Control

Productivity is difficult when this, or a version of it, happens every time I sit down.

An unimpressed looking woman with a tabby cat sprawled halfway on her chest and halfway on her shoulder.

She likes climbing on my shoulder, and then attempting to turn around to face forward, as she does on my husband’s. The problem is, his shoulders are much broader than mine are. Kitty, you just don’t fit.

I love my cats, and they need attention on days I’m actually home, these days, but it gets hard when their desire for cuddles gets in the way of my desire to get stuff done.

Anyway, this week has been much more draining than usual, and today – my day to get caught up with home, house and computer work – is swiftly filtering away.

I feel overwhelmed, and that means my already iffy energy levels are plummeting. I know I have everything listed out, but the prioritizing is difficult. It feels like it all needs to be done NOW, but I know that can’t happen.

Homework needs to be watered, plants need to be done, bills need to be cleaned, the house needs to be paid, family should be scheduled and blog should be called…

I think I may have reversed something there.

I wish I could blame the procrastination monkey in the video below, but between work, school, a steady flow of bad news and fending off an avalanche of needy, sometimes frightening, strangers, my exhaustion sloth has been running the show most days. It’s no wonder I’m so far behind and feeling so overwhelmed now.

On a lighter note, this is a video I think a lot of us with and without any form of ADHD can relate to.

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