My life has been pretty hectic for a while now. Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on.

Four candles of different shapes burning in front of a houseplant, jar of decorative rocks and an ornamental wooden glass.

These candles have been helping with stress relief. It’s amazing how soothing their light is.

That job I started back in February has gotten a bit odd. Almost all of our old managers have been transferred away, and new people hired, except for the one directly above me. That’s actually been a good thing, since the environment has gotten much more positive.

However, the turnover rate for other employees has been just as high. Suddenly, I’m the senior member on my team, despite the fact I haven’t even been there for a year, yet.

It’s incredibly strange. Suddenly, people think I know more than I do about how the company in general works, and I’m teaching new hires things I only learned weeks ago.

I’m not entirely sure of what to think about it all. I do know that I’ll be requesting fewer hours once school starts. I know I won’t be able to handle going in five mornings out of the week.

Part of how I’m trying to get a better handle on my ADHD is by cutting down on junk and increasing healthy food. I’m cooking more, and while progress has been pretty slow, I am gradually starting to feel more focused for longer periods of time.

One advantage of that job is that I’m getting a lot more exercise, which is part of why I took it. I’m actually starting to build visible muscle. Naturally, I’m slowly beginning to feel better physically as well.

Better physical health usually translates into better mental health and cognitive function, so I’ll take it.

Tomorrow, I’m finally attending orientation and getting registered for classes. It has been a long ride just getting to this point. It’s a little overwhelming to think this is just the beginning of a whole new phase of life.

I’m still completely torn over whether I should return to school full-time or just start part-time to ease my way into it. The more I think about it and my current energy levels, part-time makes a lot more sense.

However, it also depends on which classes I’ll be taking. There are a few easy classes I need to take in order to satisfy school requirements, like the physical education class. I also have the feeling an online class would be easier on me than one I need to go downtown for.

I’ll be talking to my advisor about that tomorrow. While I want to get this degree out of the way and move on to a better paying job, preferably in a field I’m more interested in, I still want to do well without burning myself out.

One ring-bound blue planner opened to show the September divider, sitting on top of an open wirebound red planner open to the title page.

I’ve sort of, kind of, developed a fascination with planners. I know, I know, it seems like a mundane thing, but with how hectic my life’s gotten, I really need to be better organized.

The thing with ring-bound planners is that they’re so customizable while still having enough structure to keep them from getting too disorganized. My wire-bound planner has been useful for keeping appointments and to-do lists in, but it just doesn’t have the space or flexibility I need for everything.

Since I’ll be starting school later this month, I picked one up to dedicate to that. Today, I used my Bing Rewards to get a third planner for my internet stuff, including this blog and #AbilityChat.

At the end of the year, I’ll be picking up another one for household/general life purposes to replace the wire-wound one.

Come October and December, I’ll be posting reviews of the two new planners in relation to focus and cognitive organization. Hopefully, the added structure I can give thoughts and ideas will help me update this blog more regularly.

Of course, this transitional period has meant I’ve been sacrificing quite a few things in order to keep my sanity. Unfortunately, one has been online correspondence.

I haven’t been reading as many articles as I’d like, and haven’t been taking part in #AXSChat, #DDChat or #LDChat. There are also news stories I’d like to follow, but I simply don’t have the energy to do so.

I suppose I can apply the adage “choose your battles” to this period of time. I am only human, but I’m a human who’s actively working to better her life.

That counts for something, right?

At the very least, all of that is good reason for my wanting to nod off at 8:00 pm most days.

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