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Here are the steps I’ve followed to write this entry.

Step One: Realize I haven’t written anything yet today.

Step Two: Notice the ice pack I’ve been using for my mildly sprained ankle is no longer cold.

A forest with a lake of blue water and mountains in the distance with a peek of Lake Superior. The sky is blue with white clouds.

This is the overlook I hurt myself getting to.

Step Three: Get up for ice pack.

Step Four: Look in fridge and wonder why I’m in the kitchen.

Step Five: Remember there are pictures on my phone that need to be moved over to the computer.

Step Six: Hobble to office and return to computer with USB cord for phone.

Step Seven: Remember the ice pack situation. Get up again.

Step Eight: Return to kitchen. Look in fridge, think about cleaning it and making a grocery list.

Step Nine: Grab my weekly soda and return to computer.

Step Ten: Remember ice pack. AGAIN.

Step Eleven: Return to kitchen. Return with bag of pretzels.


Step Thirteen: Return with ice pack, elevate foot and apply pack. Realize I need to log into blog site.

A bandaged foot with an ice pack on it.

Well, I’ve accomplished this at least.

Step Fourteen: Enter wrong password. Reset password before I’m locked out.

Step Fifteen: Finally write the entry.

And that, folks, is how this attentionally challenged person updates a blog in 15 quick steps!

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