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CVG2016: Year Of The Badge Ribbon

This year’s run-up to CONvergence was pretty brutal. I was already sleep deprived by the time Thursday arrived and I was pretty non-functional by the time I got home on Sunday.

Monday, I had to call into work, because I was feeling so poorly. I think I was conscious for something like 4-5 consecutive hours that day. Tuesday, I managed to finish my shift, but slept the rest of the day (and night) away. I think that exhaustion also had something to do with fighting off a mild bug I picked up somewhere along the way.

Today, I’m finally feeling better, for the most part, but overwhelmed at everything I still have to do in preparation for next week’s camping/hiking trip and the frustration I’m having with STILL not having the paperwork for my new diagnosis in order to get accommodation for school.

Seriously, this is just ridiculous. I started this five months ago in attempt to get everything in order well before school started, but that didn’t seem to work.

So, what does all this rambling mean for the blog?

Well, I’ll number it:

  1. I’m planning on my entry about the Neurodiversity panel to be posted tomorrow.
  2. I picked up what looks like a fantastic new comic to review for the blog, which will hopefully be posted on Friday.
  3. IF POSSIBLE, I’ll schedule entries for next week while I’ll be donating blood to Lake Superior Mosquitos.
  4. No #AbilityChat tonight, BUT next week’s is going to be hosted by one of the awesome regulars, Ruthie.

So, hopefully this will all go according to plan, and if it doesn’t, hopefully it will all at least happen.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Wednesday.


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