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This morning, I was woken up by a call from the doc who’s doing my assessment. She had to reschedule again, this time due to health problems. I understand, and I feel for her, but it wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day.

So, I dragged myself into the kitchen, fired up my little one-cup coffee maker and perused our pantry for breakfast type food.

When coffee finished brewing, I realized I’d forgotten to put the chocolate mint leaves in with the grounds, so I figured I’d add in some almond/coconut milk for extra flavor.

I pull the carton out of the fridge and try opening it.

A carton of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond and Coconut milk blend

This is the best milk alternative I’ve found to date. I haven’t tried it on cereal yet, but it’s fantastic in smoothies and so good in coffee.
I have an affiliate link here if you’d like to order some from amazon.

For a good three minutes I tried opening it with no success.

That would be because I was tightening the cap instead of loosening it. Right-left confusion, hurrah!!


At least I didn’t hurt myself this time.

Yesterday evening, I made Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls for the first time. My husband mentioned he liked them, so I figured why not? It couldn’t be that hard.

The canister advertised itself as “peel and pop”, which I interpreted as popping the ends off and peeling the container open. With that in mind, I read the instructions.

“Press spoon to seam”.

Oh, so to the seam between the cardboard and the metal end? That seam?

I gave it a try. No luck. I tried harder. Again, no luck.

Then, I saw the little triangle and silver box on the spiral seam on the canister. Well, ok.

I pressed the spoon there, waiting for the pop. Nothing.

I pressed harder. The spoon slipped. Now, Michelangelo is guarding the resulting cut from infection.

My fist with a ninja turtles bandaid on the pointer finger.

Ah, yes. Only I would injure myself making quickie cinnamon rolls. Hey, at least I didn’t almost slice a fingertip off, like in November.

I figured out how to do it correctly post-injury.

I don’t know if attempting that kielbasa and potato recipe today is a very good idea. With the way things have been going, I might just blow myself up in the process.

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