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It looks like my summer is really taking off.

Next week, I get the results of my LD testing, and I just found out that I’ve been accepted to both panels I volunteered for during my Convention in early July!

One is about being a long time, and now older fan of things generally seen as exclusively for kids, but the other is about neurodiversity and how there’s nothing wrong with having a different type of brain.

The title is “Exploring Neurodiversity: The New Frontier“.

Oh, yes. I am so excited about this one. It’s like it was custom made for me.

The next week, I’ll be taking time off for a hiking trip with the hubby. Obviously, there will be no AbilityChat that week.

A streem relfecting the blue sky, surrounded by lush grasses and trees.

This scenery is why we sacrifice ourselves to the bugs almost every year.

Then, of course, in August, I’ll be returning to school.

There has also been a development on the job front that I need to take some time to think about. I have a pretty big decision to make that could heavily impact my school plans. It’s not something I can talk about just yet, but just know it’s not a bad thing.

All of that said, thanks so much to my readers for bearing with me through the inconsistent posting and all that. Here’s hoping you’re all doing well!

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