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As they say, are Death and Taxes.

A painting of a man with a fabulous hat writing on a pad of paper and another man with a letcherous grin leaning over his shoulder. In front of them sits a pile of coins.

This is what came up when I searched for public domain tax collector pictures. Caption this!
Les compteurs d’argent (1575-1600)

Thankfully, I’ve not had much experience with the former just yet, but I have enough with the latter to know just how unpleasant they are.

Last night, we finally filed our 2015 taxes. I mean, the last day to file in the US is April 15, so at least we beat that deadline. I just spent close to an hour getting our property tax paperwork squared away, since we can’t file those online.

Seriously, there are few areas where my dyslexia gets in the way more than taxes. I always, ALWAYS have someone double-check them when I do them. Thankfully, TurboTax makes it much easier, but still, following simple directions is so hard for me.

I actually did pretty well, up until I came to the question “Answer yes if all of these apply”.

Of course, “all” translated into “any” in my brain, so I hit yes and proceeded to plow directly into a brick wall. The next question was about public assistance, of which we received none. Yet, it wouldn’t let me put “0” in. C’mon!!

It took three tries and my husband looking at the question to get past it.

Then came property taxes. Ah, property taxes. The only tax where the county sends three different envelops for tax purposes, only two of which are useful. Excellent idea.

Naturally, we only had one on hand, because despite my best efforts, my organizational skills are severely lacking, especially in terms of paperwork.

A stack of paperwork with a white box superimposed over it. This quote is in the box, "So much paperwork to read! So much paperwork to push away! So much paperwork to pretend he hadn't received adn that might have been eaten by gargoyles. ~Terry Pratcett, Snuff"

Original image via flickr I just added the white box and text.

At least I found the form sitting in plain sight on my desk this afternoon. I found it after spending close to an hour looking for the mythical instructions that had supposedly come with the form we need to send in to get our refund.


I should try writing down the basic things we need for taxes, so I can be sure to put them in the right spot as we get them. Though, who knows if that’ll work, since requirements change?

I want a nap.

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