HometestingI really shouldn’t laugh…

As part of my adult LD assessment, I need to go through whatever I have of my old high school records to find grades and whatnot.

Title section for a 1997 SAT score results sheet.

Yeah, I’m dating myself with this image.

Well, I found my SAT scores. For those not in the know, the SAT is a test taken by college bound high school students to measure their math, reading and writing skills.

Oooh, boy. If someone were NOT to go into math as a career, that someone would be me.

I had actually taken the SATs twice.

The first time, my math scores were just atrocious, but my English score was perfect.

The second time?

Well, my math scores were slightly less atrocious, and my English score was not quite perfect anymore.

I’m laughing, because they list a raw score on the final results.

I got a 4 on Geometric Reasoning. FOUR.

That brings me right back to the single digit scores I used to get on spelling tests back in elementary and middle school.

It’s just impressive just how poorly I did on those tests.

On the other hand, my reading/English scores were very good. Out of 78 questions, I got 61 correct, which put me in the 87th percentile of high school seniors the year I graduated. Not too shabby.

It’s no wonder I didn’t go into science or business. The math involved would have killed me.

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