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A spiral journal with the ninja turtles on the cover, lying on top of a journal with a kitten on a light blue background and a bright red planner.

As long time readers know, my biggest struggle is in staying organized. I TRY, but it just doesn’t seem to work most of the time.

Today, the doctor doing my evaluation called to reschedule my next appointment, due to a conflict on her end. Since she knew she may have to do something else during our last appointment, we tentatively scheduled a different date.

I was in the middle of doing something on my tablet, so I had to hunt for the notebook that goes with me when I go out. My Ninja Turtles are where I write down notes, #AbilityChat questions* and those sorts of things.

When she had called, I was working on my tablet. Since I’m prone to hand problems, I use a stylus instead of my finger, and the one I’m in the habit of using has a lanyard attached. Since having something actually attached TO me usually means I won’t lose it, I’ve gotten in the habit of looping the lanyard around my wrist.

In this case, that was probably not the best idea. CRASH! BANG!

Who know a stylus could be so noisy? The poor woman had to listen to me banging into everything in my office as I hunted for that notebook.

Once we got that squared away, I had to call the school’s disability office to reschedule that intake appointment.

“I have to cancel ’cause, the doctor who’s doing my…uh…diagnosis…appointment…doctor…thing…”

Nope. Words weren’t working. At all.

Thankfully, the woman on the other end understood, ’cause my brain was just not working the way it should be.

Ugh. If I’m already having this much trouble keeping my life in working order, how am I going to survive school again?

*Sorry, no chat this week.

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