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Ah, yes. The adventure continues! Due to some changes in my situation, I had to cancel the appointments I’d made for assessment with the first psychologist.A street sign at a bus stop, with a line of cars, and a cloudy sky crossed with powerlines in the background.


I don’t drive for assorted reasons. However, I can usually take advantage of mass transit.

In this case? No. No, I cannot. Not even the option that supposedly serves places that don’t get bus service.

Ok, well, I have a loving husband who’s great about giving me rides when I need them.

That WAS the case, but he just got a better job, and he’ll be working days for the foreseeable future. Yay for that, at least! That’s definitely good news!

What about a cab?

The least expensive fair is over $80 one way. NOPE. If I’ll be paying over a grand just to be evaluated, I’m not going to spend an extra $320+ just to get there.

So, I’m giving another clinic a try. I have a consultation scheduled for March 31st. Maybe this place won’t be as expensive? We’ll see.

I’m SO glad I’m doing this far ahead of time. Hopefully, it’ll all be done and I can get everything in place before the placement test deadline for fall semester.


The thing about being an adult looking to be tested for LD is that you still need to pay for it. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if you were already enrolled in college and still have your old school records, since help may be available. However, in my case, I’ve been accepted, but I’m not yet enrolled. I don’t have a copy of my old records, either.

If I’m to do as well as I can on the math placement exam, I need accommodations in place. That way, I may be able to avoid taking extra, non-credit classes.

So, I had my insurance company send me the necessary pages referring to LD testing in my plan. Here’s this little tidbit in the section saying it won’t be covered,

“Testing is predominately for academic or educational purposes.”

Basically, the only reason you will be tested for LD, aside from proving your status for an employer, is not covered. I’m sure that’s different in different policies, but still.

Thanks a lot. Why am I paying them so much every month?

This is so incredibly frustrating.

I need the testing, but affording it will be a challenge, even though I do have some time to figure things out. I’m lucky that it’s within our range of possibility, but I can’t help thinking of those who wouldn’t be able to afford it at all.

After a chat with a few amazing people, I do have some more avenues to pursue for potential financial and vocational help. I’m lucky that I have the time and resources to know so many great folks.

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