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First and foremost, this entry is brought to you by kitties, because they’re helping me stay calm during this process.

A sleepy tabby curled up on a pillow in front of a teddy bear.

She says, “Put the camera away. I’m trying to sleep here.”

This is one of those situations where my early dyslexia identification is more of a hindrance than a help.

In order to get accommodation for college, I need to have the diagnosis in writing. The disability supervisor told me that as long as he could have it in writing, with the word “dyslexia” clearly indicated on the paper, I wouldn’t need to be reassessed.

Well, I contacted my old school district, and they don’t keep IEP records on file for more than ten years after graduation. I have no idea what the name of the doctor was who diagnosed me as a child, so I can’t request records from that office.

My mom said she’d look at the records she still has, but she can’t promise anything.

So, right now, I’m collecting quotes from local neuro-psychologists that offer learning disability screening.

So far, the only listed quote I’ve found is over $1600. I’ve already sent e-mails out to three or four other local offices, as well. I’m pretty sure my health insurance covers learning disability testing, but since I’ve locked myself out of their web page, I’ll have to call them to verify.

Time for more kitties.

A tabby, tuxedo cat and black cat sitting on a bed in front of a window.

It would appear I’ve interrupted their meeting.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is so frustrating.

It’s ridiculous that the assessment alone is so expensive and there are so few supports available for adults looking to be prepared for school before any placement testing is done.

Argh. Ok, kitties, do your thing.

A black cat sleeping with his head resting on a tuxedo cat's belly.


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