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Title image: A laptop computer on a desk with the words "How to Improve Workplace Concentration" superimposedThis weekend, I came across this article on the Economist about how the hyper-collaborative environment many companies do more harm than good, especially when it comes to workplace concentration.

When we talk about LD, we usually focus on kids, since they often need the most help. Those kids grow into adults, and regardless of how many coping mechanisms they develop, their environment will always play a  heavy role in how they function.

Back when I worked in a corporate office, we all sat in little cubicles. While that did cut down on some distractions, I still had a ridiculously hard time. My concentration at work still disrupted by sometimes constant phone calls, co-worker conversation and various sensory bombardments.

Improving Workplace Concentration

How can you improve your focus at work?

A lot of that depends on your workplace itself, but you may be able to get some help from your supervisor with putting these measures in place.

White Noise or Music
I was very impressed with the set up PRI had when I visited their offices a little while ago. They had a very open plan, but the environment was quiet when I got there and they had white noise generated throughout.

That white noise helped drown out distracting background sounds, and the general environment felt calm while I was there.

Back when I worked in an office, they didn’t have white noise, so I would listen to quiet music through ear-buds. I could still hear if someone called for me, but the sound of familiar melodies and harmonies helped keep my focus on the job at hand.

Exercise at Your Desk
Sometimes having something to do with your legs helps workplace concentration. You can find small exercise machines that allow you to pedal under your desk while you work. Using a yoga ball helps, too.

Take Breaks
While it’s tempting to work right through break time, it’s a good idea to take them. Take a walk, or shift mental gears for a while. After stepping away from your workstation, you may return with a refreshed outlook.

These are all useful ways to enhance concentration, but self-care is also important, as are needed accommodations. When you take care of yourself and advocate for your needs, it’ll be easier to maintain focus throughout the day.

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