HomenewsIf she posted that on the internet, how did she treat the kid in person?

As I read this article about a teacher resigning over cruel comments she’d made about an LD student she had, I began to question how some of my past teachers viewed me. Don’t get me wrong, most were awesome, but there were a select few who helped make my school experience terrible.

Was I just a stupid kid who wanted attention in their eyes?

The top of a middel school test with "17 minutes" written by myself as a child, flanked by a teacher's handwriting in red "Very shiny" and "almost fast". Included because of how passive aggressive the "almost fast" thing was.

I don’t know, and at this point, that doesn’t really matter. What’s really coming through in those posts are mutual frustration on both the kid’s and the teacher’s parts, and maybe an indication that this woman needs to find a new profession.

Teaching is not easy, especially when the teachers are under additional pressure to conform to red-tape from above, but there’s never any reason to badmouth students. It makes me wonder how she treated other LD kids in her class.

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