HomelifeLet’s Play in the Snow!

Three houses with snow covered roofs in the background, and a snow draped evergreen bough in the foreground. Yesterday evening, as I was out shoveling snow for the second time that day, I was reminded of an important lesson.

Lift with your legs, not with your back.

Ok, two important lessons.

Once I finished out driveway in the back of our house and that walkway, I set to work on the front steps and our sidewalk. Down the block, kids shouted and laughed. When I peeked over, I saw the family who lived in that house out playing in the falling snow.

There was no structure to the play. No toys, outside of the snow and their bodies. No lessons, other than the unintentional ones taught by living in the moment.

In today’s world of bad news, the eternal push for change, the fight against inequality and the flood of responsibility, those simple lessons are too easily forgotten. Kids, all kids regardless of neurology, ability level or gifts, still need time to be kids.

I’d argue that adults, regardless of if they’re raising children of their own, single or into their grand-parenting years, also need to be kids once in a while.

The senses of freedom and naked joy play brings are some of the most emotionally healing things out there.

A streetlight seen through the branches of a snowcovered evergreen tree.

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