Homeadults with learning disabilitiesHow is this December? Weather, you’re messing with my dyslexia.
Barren trees and rooftops seen through a rain spattered window.

This has been a strange December. It’s been abnormally warm, and the vast majority of our precipitation has been rain, rain and more rain. Some days have been dark enough to trick my body into thinking it’s still nighttime around noon, and my desk lamp has been on almost full time for most of those days.

All I’ve been wanting to do is sleep, which, of course, isn’t doable.

Maybe I should have been born a bear. At least then I could hibernate in the winter.

When I am awake, though, I’ve noticed my dyslexia and executive function are suffering for it. I’m drawing the wrong meanings from words all the time, I haven’t been catching errors the way I usually do and even simple things like warming pre-cooked food up has been a challenge.

At least I haven’t gone searching for my cell phone while I was still using it. Yet.

As infuriating as it is, it’s still interesting how the weather has such an incredibly profound effect on my neurology. It’s not something we think about ordinarily, but it’s certainly true. Our systems are closely entwined with each other, and even if you don’t suffer from SADD, it’s entirely possible that short, dark days has some sort of influence on how you function.

I suppose this is where new routine needs to come into the picture. I’ve never been good at following set routines, but they have their place.

Maybe it’s time to set a bedtime and wake-up time for myself. Asleep at, say, 10, up at 7 or there about, get out to exercise, then settle down to work. Maybe throw coffee in there somewhere.

Would that help with my dyslexia? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll start that in the New Year.

As for now?

Five more minutes, mom. I’m too tired to get up.

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