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A closeup of a partial to-do list for November 30th.

Back in September, I wrote about bullet journaling. I had intended to write up an update much sooner, but, strangely enough, my organizational skills fell short again.

While the idea of bullet journaling is a great one, I still had trouble keeping up with it for more than a month. Instead, it transformed into a better way of keeping daily to-do lists. That has been useful, and I have been more productive, but I still had a lot of trouble keeping up.

Back in the beginning of November, I realized I just couldn’t do the self-generated structure. I’m artistic enough when it comes to story telling and physical crafts, but visual arts are not my cup of tea. I needed some sort of framework to build off of.

So, I broke down and got myself a traditional planner, similar to the one linked at the bottom of the entry. Since I knew I needed some sort of big-picture view of each month, broken down into daily sections, I paid a little extra for one that offered that.

A closeup of the page for January 2016, monthly view in a planner.

I’ve been using the extra November and December calendars as a way to get myself into the routine of using it for tasks that change on a weekly basis. In January, I’ll start using it for my daily tasks, too.

Since I have had success with batching tasks for projects before, I’ve also decided to try assigning days to specific projects. Fridays, for instance, will be dedicated to everything that goes into writing and submitting fictional stories.

Of course, routine things, like e-mail, responding to comments, social media, doing the dishes (my personal nemesis) and the like will also happen, but the main focus of each day will be different.

Hopefully, that will result in better productivity for me and better content for all of you.

With all of that in mind, bullet journaling in its purest form definitely isn’t for me, but turning it into something of a hybrid with a regular planner might work better.

The color coding and flexibility are both aspects I’ll be keeping as I continue developing an effective organizational system for myself.

The daily view page for January 2016, Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th. Under Thursday, the following items are listed, "Floors (Vccum/Sweep), Kitchen (Oven, Stove, Fridge, Wash Floor), Laundry (Linens), Store, Paperwork (File), Invoice)"
I’d never get all the housework done if I don’t have it listed out, first.

By the way, I am still using the monthly dry-erase calendar. That seems to consistently work well for monthly appointments. It’s the details I seem to struggle with.

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