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A Christmas tree with a straw star on top, red and white garlands and assorted decorations.

A Christmas tree with a straw star on top, red and white garlands and assorted decorations.This weekend, I started the process of making some big changes to this page. I had already done so with my other, smaller page, Random and Crafty, in the hope of making this transition a little easier.

When I finally sat down to get some work done today, I discovered the changes had gone through! After quite a bit of fumbling, I have old entries transferred over to this new design, pages for Ability Chat and the Amazon Store set up and things arranged relatively nicely.

The only problem is that the images didn’t transfer over with the old entries, so I’ll be working on fixing that over the next several weeks in addition to cleaning up some of the older entries.

Fittingly enough, today is also the Winter Solstice.

This holiday is all about the light returning, which signifies a big turn in the year. Although the days will be getting colder, there will be more sunlight. As has become my tradition, I put my Yule tree and decorations up today.

Between this holiday and the New Year, I find myself reflecting upon how far we’ve come as a culture and how far we have to go. I do the same with my personal life and evolution.

So, please enjoy the new design, though it will probably be going through some more changes over the next few days, and have a wonderful week.

Holiday decorations with a plush zombie toy scattered in pieces.

Our zombie, Fred, just can’t hold himself together this time of year.

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