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A close up image of a woman's left hand with a gold wedding band on the ring finger and a bandage on the middle finger.

First off, I’ll apologize for my silence last week. On Tuesday, I sliced my left middle finger open badly. In fact, I nearly cut the tip off.

Thankfully, I avoided doing that and just ended up with a relatively deep cut that will take a while to heal completely. That also means that last week I had to minimize work with that hand, since the initial swelling also triggered a couple of other painful issues I have with that hand.

It’s healing quickly, and where I was in enough pain to need some medication after typing or otherwise using that hand, it only aches slightly after more activity. Hopefully, this week will be more productive.

Secondly, since I was still in a fair amount of pain during last week’s #AbilityChat, I couldn’t really clarify what this week’s theme is. (Maybe I should write about the connection between pain and dyslexia, because it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes.)

It’s how we organize our lives, both to function as well as possible in work/school/home but also how we organize accommodations for our various challenges.

A magnetized, white board weekly calendar with purple and orange words written on it. Below it are five magnetized dry-erase markers - from left to right: green, black, orange, blue and purple.

If you have questions relating to that, please feel free to send them my way! I’d be interesting in learning about how different types of neurodiversity, sensory disabilities and other forms of difference influence organization systems.

Finally, thanks so much to my readers for bearing with my silence. That minor accident had a bigger influence on the blog than I thought it would.

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