HomedyslexiaWho Needs Executive Function When You Have a Crock Pot?
A clear crock pot lid with condensation on the inside. Cut up red potatoes are visible.

I love my crock pot. You cut stuff up, maybe brown meat a little beforehand, set a timer and let ‘er go. It’s easy on my working memory, sometimes lets me cook a side dish at the same time as the main dish and, best of all, is hard to screw up.

Note, I said “hard”, not “impossible”. If there’s a way to make a mistake, odds are, I’ll find it.

Yesterday, I wanted to join #DDChat on twitter, but had a few errands to run beforehand, and wanted to get my latest crock-pot experiment started: pork loin chops & potatoes. By the time I got home, it was close to chat time, so I made my way through the recipe.

Lightly brown the meat? Check.

Chop up taters & veggies? Check.

Mix up some chicken stock? Check.

Sprinkle with pepper? Check.

Alarm set? Check.

Yes! I was good to go! I plugged the machine in and logged onto my computer.

Over an hour later, I returned to the kitchen to clean up and discovered I missed a very important step.

I didn’t actually turn the crock pot ON.

Wow. So smart.

Fortunately, the switched off pot kept the meat warm, so I felt confident in firing the sucker up. It still turned out to be very tasty, but dinner time didn’t happen until 11:30 last night.

Ah well. At list it’s better than all of the times I either forget the laundry in the washer, or miss turning the dryer on after loading it up.

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