HomedyslexiaRedeeming Red on 10/15/15

My established readers will recognize these images from my belated entry for the Disability Stories event in July. I’m using them again, because on Thursday, October 15th, World Dyslexia Day is happening, and I’ll be joining the #RedeemRed movement.

You can read about the roots of the movement here, but the short story is that it’s about turning the color from a thing of condemnation to celebration.

If you or your children have always done well, take a minute to think about how it feels to have an avalanche of the below crash down on you every time there was a graded assignment.

The number 60 written in red ink on the left side of the image, with the words "Are you studying?" written on the right
The number 50 written in red ink on the left side of the image with "more effort needed!" written in the center and "STUDY!" in all capital letters on the right side

"very shiny" written in red ink on the left side of the image, with "17 minutes" written in pencil by a child in the center, and "almost fast" written in red ink by the teacher on the right side of the image

A book report evaluation form showing low scores in red ink and reminders to check spelling/grammar

Those are all from my fifth grade year. Even the positive feedback was directly countered by passive aggressiveness or criticism of something I couldn’t help at the time.

That’s hard on a kid. Combined with constant pressure in the classroom and at home, it’s enough to turn a child off to learning for good. When you’re always brought down, you begin to believe what everyone else is telling you.

The worst part is that it’s still happening to kids today, over two decades later.

I grew to hate that color when I was young. I still have a hard time getting feedback in red pen. The subconscious association is way too strong, now.

So, why not counter that experience I share with so many other dyslexics by using the to celebrate our diversity and strength?

Please join me in #RedeemingRed for #WorldDyslexiaDay!

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