HomedyslexiaLife Happens While You’re Making Other Plans

I’m great about making plans! I write out to-do lists for the day, prioritize items and brainstorm ideas somewhere near the beginning of each month.

My problem is sticking with them. Like the subject says, life happens.

I know my wiring has something to do with that. I tend to be a big picture thinker, which is probably why I’m so scattered in my interests. One thing leads to another, or it reminds me of something else that’s seemingly unrelated, and suddenly I’m off on a tangent.

As a kid, I wanted to be everything from a marine biologist to an FBI agent. I still find crime, the sciences and a whole range of things of great interest. Even if I don’t find the overall topic interesting, I can usually find some sort of aspect to catch my attention.

That’s part of why I decided to take up writing. If I can’t get out and be everything, I can still learn enough to write about it and extrapolate from first hand accounts.

While it can get me in trouble productivity wise, and it made aspects of school difficult, I still look at it as a strength stemming from my dyslexia. While I realize people without dyslexia may have similar experiences, I’ve noticed it seems to be especially common in the dyslexic community.

Even though that is a unique strength that opens worlds within worlds to me, there is still something to be said about focusing on one thing at a time. It gets overwhelming if I don’t break it down into pieces.

That’s what I attempt to do with my planning. Now, I just need to figure out how to find some internal trigger to stop my mind from racing about thirty steps ahead of where I am at the moment.

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