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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, in addition to a number of different things. I believe it’s also ADHD/ADD awareness and just general LD Awareness.

Part of my desk, complete with signature mess.
I’ll be reviewing that comic, since I heard it has
something to do with dyslexia, and doing some
crafty things with those vinyl sheets for my
other blog.

Since I’m dyslexic, though, that’s what I’ll be concentrating on in general. #AbilityChat next week will focus on dyslexia, though the week after will focus on dyspraxia, and I think I’ll dedicate the week after that to ADHD/ADD.

Anyway, in honor of the week, I’m going to try bringing back the #DyslexicWork hashtag. This hashtag is intended to demonstrate the broad range of talents dyslexic individuals embody and the many ways we contribute to the world at large.

If you’d like to take part, please post pictures of your workplace, something you’ve created that you’re proud of or a picture of yourself doing what you do on Facebook, twitter or tumblr, and tag it #DyslexicWork.

If you’re not dyslexic, and would like to take part, you can post something about things you enjoy that were created by dyslexic individuals. Those folks can be friends, children, parents, professionals or anyone else you happen to admire.

I’ll be retweeting/reposting my favorites and keeping an eye on the tag throughout October.

So, please join me in showing the world how creative, capable and hard working dyslexic people are!

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