HomedyspraxiaFriendly Reminder: Be Yourself!
A tiny ninja with a origami helmet on holding a pair of sai and wearing a brown outfit. Black text outlined in a white glow saying, "EMBRACE YOUR WEIRDNESS! I am an unprofessionally professional human being. Eyebrow and life enthusiast...STOP LABELING! START Living. ~ Cara Delevigne" In the lower left side is the web address http://www.alternativewiring.com

During my online travels, I found this page listing famous people with dyspraxia. That quote is from Cara Delevigne, who happens to be a dyspraxic supermodel and actor.

I can get behind the sentiment. Weirdness is a good thing. What else will break up the boredom of conformity?

As for labels, they do have their uses, but I’ve long felt that they’re over-relied on. If we can get past the stigma associated with them, we’d be in good shape.

Like I’ve said before: Person first, label later.

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