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A few weeks ago, I was meandering through the free apps available for Android, and stumbled upon an organizational/motivational program called Raise the Bar.

It’s designed to help achieve long- and short-term goals by tracking progress through lists, time tracking and “leveling up”. You do that by plugging in information about various goals you have, regardless of which area of life they’re in.

They’ll show up as customizable bars whenever you open the app. Here’s a peek at mine.

A screenshot of multicolored bars reading "Copy", "housework", "NaNoWriMo prep", "city bound", "blog entries" and "Writing submissions" with numerical values on the far right.

I hadn’t been keeping up with the app itself this week, so I’ve actually gotten more accomplished than is listed here.

I have numerical goals in place for copy, blog entries and writing submissions. They’re a combination of weekly goals and things that need to be done before a certain deadline.

A screenshot of multicolored bars reading "Copy", "housework", "NaNoWriMo prep", "city bound", "blog entries" and "Writing submissions" with numerical values on the far right. The blog entries bar is expanded to show a menue with the following items from left to right, the number 2, a tag igon, three bars going from smallest to largest, a writing icon and an upwards pointing arrow

Blog entries, for example, I have set to write a certain number per week. When I complete a blog entry, I tap that up arrow and the little number on the left side of the bar will go up. Every time the number goes up, the patterned bar takes over the solid background a little more.

My NaNo prep and housework bars are task oriented. Every time I tick off a certain task, the same thing happens with the bar. That City Bound bar is time oriented, since I’m trying to dedicate a certain amount of time to that project every month.

When you complete a set of tasks, a tone like something out of a video game sounds, and a green check mark appears.

An achievement bar with black and grey vertical stripes with the word copy on the far left and a green check mark next to a numerically printed 100% on the far right.

I can’t tell you why the combination of the tone and the way a completed bar looks is so satisfying, but it is. Rationally, I realize it’s a silly psychological trick usually used by video games, but the sense of accomplishment is somehow more tangible than just ticking off tasks on a to-do list.

So far, it’s been a surprisingly effective app. If you’re looking for something to keep track of what you’ve gotten done, what you still need to do and to help motivate you, this one is worth checking out.

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