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October’s going to be big in the whole “awareness for LD” arena. Now, I realize those of us who live with LD day and night are well aware of what’s going on with us, but this is more for those who don’t understand it.

This is our chance to be more visible in spreading knowledge about our various types of neurology – and normal.

So, here’s a list of what’s going on.

US Dyslexia Awareness Month
October is dyslexia awareness month in the United States, so there should be a bunch of events going on in this country. I’ll post them as I find them, too.

As for me, I plan on writing at least one dyslexia-centric entry per week for October, and reviving the #DyslexicWork hashtag campaign from last year. In this hashtag, I ask dyslexics to take pictures of where they work, what they’re working on or both.

This is a way to highlight our range of talents and abilities on social media. We all have strengths, and it’s about time we show them.

This stands for Dyslexia Awareness Week (2015). This UK based awareness campaign takes place from October 5th-11th. You can find some UK-centric events over on this page and on this one.

In addition, that week’s #AbilityChat and (I believe) #DDChat will be focusing on dyslexia.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2015
Right after dyslexia awareness week is dyspraxia awareness week: October 11th-17th! That week, I’ll be focusing on dyspraxia over at #AbilityChat, and I believe #DDChat will be doing the same.

Since tying shoelaces is so difficult for dyspraxic folks, Dyspraxia Action is hosting #laceupfordcd! I’ll be picking up a pair of fun shoelaces and lacing my running shoes up with them, in addition to making a small donation.

I’ll also be dedicating an entry to dyspraxia that week.

If you come across any other awareness activities or weeks I don’t know about, feel free to leave a comment on this entry or send a note to especk1979@hotmail.com.

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