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There are four types of stores that are dangerous for my wallet: book stores, craft stores, geeky stores and stationary stores.

If I didn’t have the degree of self control I do, I’d have far more journals than I do now. To be fair, I DO try to use them all. I have one for collecting quotes, another for keeping track of the wild dreams I have at night, another for random inspiration, and that ninja journal is for taking notes or general brainstorming.

That said, I stumbled across the idea of bullet journaling not too long ago.

This is a form of organization that allows you to write out what needs to be done on a monthly, then daily basis. Long time readers will know that I’m always trying to find ways to work with my wiring while still remaining productive. This is something incredibly common in the dyslexic world, as well as when ADHD and other forms of neurodiversity are involved.

So far, I’ve learned that set schedules don’t work for me, but to-do lists do. I’m also a visual thinker, so I need some sort of line-of-sight solution.

This might be a good addition to my calendars, especially as I customize it.

Oh, yes, I need to include housework in my to-do list. I won’t remember it, otherwise. Probably should have used pencil, but oh well.

Over the next month or so, I’ll probably write entries about how the process is going for me. Hopefully, it’ll help others who face the same sorts of challenges I do.

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