Homeadvantages of autismWhy, yes, there IS a connection between autism and creativity!

I often look at studies and find the need to resist a truly epic face-palm. The most recent study this happened with was the one linking autism, creativity and divergent thinking.

No. Really?

Ask anyone on the spectrum, their friends or their family, and they’ll probably tell you they’ve known about that creativity for a long time already.

Do a search on Facebook, and you’ll find wonderful pages, like the one dedicated to Candy Waters and Artists and Autism.

As is usually the case in the world of neurodiversity, the dim view our culture puts on autism is firmly rooted in ignorance and the fear associated with it.

Harmful groups, like Autism Speaks, focus only on the struggle that comes with this unique type of wiring. Worse yet, they don’t focus on finding ways to help people on the spectrum learn how to live with their wiring, as they like to claim. Instead, they focus on caregivers and making it easier on everyone else.

As silly and pointless as studies seem, they at least may help combat some of the harmful misconceptions fostered by stigma, ignorance and stereotypes. I still roll my eyes when I see them pop up, though.

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