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If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s making mistakes. A lot of that has to do with my dyslexia, as is the case with my horrible spelling today and last night’s struggle with posting the right piece in the right place.

The other thing I’m good at is turning those eternal mistakes into something constructive, like topics for blogs, ideas for characters or research tangents.

This happens to be one of those times. Since midweek tends to be where my dyslexia likes making my life interesting, I’ve decided to host a US based twitter chat on Wednesday evenings. I’m planning to use the hashtag – #AbilityChat

People of all neurodiversities and ability levels are welcome to join. The more voices, the better! I’d love to make this chat as inclusive as possible.

This chat is open to everyone outside of the US, and it’s inspired by the ever awesome #AXSChat and #DDChat. The only issue I have with those two is the fact they’re UK based, so they happen right in the middle of the day for those of us across the pond.

I’m thinking it’ll only be about an hour long, and take place at around 7:00 PM Central Standard Time (8 PM EST, 6 PM MST, and 5 PM PST). That’s still a bit early for those of you on the west coast, but 9 PM may be a bit late for those of you on the east coast.

I still need to figure out a somewhat organized way of accepting questions, perhaps Google Forms, and make a graphic for rules, as well as setting a dedicated page up on which to post questions. I’m open to suggestions on how to do this!

The first chat probably won’t take place until the first week of September, since I have a score of birthdays to celebrate this month and our 12 year wedding anniversary on the 30th.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions of tech to use for accepting questions, or topics you’d like covered, please feel free to comment!


Introducing #AbilityChat — 2 Comments

  1. I'd love to join in, but my being in the Netherlands, 7PM CST is 2AM my time. Do you know where I can learn about those other chats that are UK-based? Those would probably be quite good for me.

  2. I understand completely!

    #AXSChat happens every Tuesday at 8 PM UK time and lasts about an hour. You can find out more about them at their web page here – http://axschat.com/

    #DDChat happens every Thursday at 8 PM UK time and lasts two hours. It's run by the great blogger at Dyslexia and Me. You can submit questions here – https://thedyslexicstudent.wordpress.com/ddchat/

    The people who take part are very kind and smart, plus they're international.

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