HomeburnoutYes. Headdesk is called for today.

I didn’t get a chance to really rest up after last weekend’s convention, since I still had a pile of work I wasn’t able to finish beforehand, a certain someone who shall not be named was kind enough to fill the previously empty sink with dishes and one of our cats needed to pay the vet a visit.

Can’t forget the breathing issues brought on by the smoke from the wildfires to the north and keeping a litter box in my office as our cat recovered in isolation. Yay, asthma.

Con was fantastic, the week after? Not so much.

I’m not entirely sure of this is the case with all dyslexics, but when I have such language intensive periods of time mixed with health issues, the less savory side of my dyslexia kicks into high gear.

As I type this, I’m watching the letters float around on my screen like balloons on short leads. Much as I’d like to cut away at my writing to-do list, that just isn’t happening until this weekend at the earliest.

I am kicking myself a little over this, because I knew it was going to happen. There’ve been signs all week, like when I went hunting for tartar control cat treats for our kitties.

One of our cats has a sensitivity to corn, so we’re always on the hunt for affordable low or no corn food. Cats are obligate carnivores, so grain free food is best, but since corn is the go-to filler, most pet food companies use it with abandon.

I thought I’d found some treats that didn’t have it listed, so I picked them up. What did I see when I got home?

Second ingredient after the chicken by product. Ugh. I didn’t even see it in the store. Those food labels are pretty terrible for dyslexic brains, anyway.

I did find some grain-free stuff online at what looks like a reasonable price, so I’ll order that once we’re through this bag. Kitties don’t get much of this per day, anyway.

Still. So frustrating.

I was trying to find some healthier diet options, too, but reading is just not happening today.

Well, times like these call for alternate forms of media. Right now? That’s documentaries and downtime.

Part of being a writer is idea generation, right?


Part of being dyslexic is taking the time to take the pressure off some cerebral gears and let the others get some exercise.

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