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Not too long ago, I finally finished reading Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. In retrospect, I think that novel would have been easier to take in as an audio-book instead of the paperback, since it took me around 7 or 8 months to read.

Very good book, but between the formatting and certain elements of their writing styles, it messed with my dyslexia something fierce. Overall, though, it’s a great book. I never thought the Apocalypse would be so funny.

Anyway, there was one quote that I absolutely love.

Yes! I need to remember that the next time someone tries to pick on me for my phonetic spelling.

If you stop to think about it, all written language is based on the local spoken language, right? At first, it was highly phonetic, and spelling wasn’t standardized in the least. It wasn’t until the 18th or 19th century that efforts were put in place to start creating rules.

Today, there are still differences in how the same word is spelled, depending on what type of English you’re writing in. I happen to live in a state that borders with Canada. If I were to travel a few hundred miles north, step into Canada and ask the first citizen I meet how to spell “color”, they’d stick an extra “u” after the second “o”. “Colour”. I don’t see either one as wrong in casual writing.

So, fellow dyslexics, take heart! Phonetic spelling isn’t necessarily wrong. It’s just a little more closely tied to the language’s roots!

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