HomedyslexiaI hadn’t meant to make my nails so Xtreme

I’ve never been very good at the whole “girlie” thing. I occasionally wear makeup, and most of my clothing is of the jeans and casual shirt variety. Sometimes, though, I do enjoy celebrating the girl within.

As it happens, I decided to do that by painting my fingernails and toenails a week or so ago. That basically entails brushing polish over the nails and a good chunk of the finger or toe around them. The excess will come off in the shower, right? I’ve never been great at coloring inside the lines.

Since I don’t paint my nails very often, I don’t have a huge collection of polishes. All I have are the two different shades of red in the picture, a tiny bottle of black polish, some bright pink, a topcoat and some glittery stuff.

The day I decided to put some color on my nails, I had that brighter shade in mind; the one in the Nicole bottle. We were starting another cycle of warm weather, and it actually felt like spring for a while, so why not go bright?

So, I grabbed for what I thought was the color I wanted and started the ritual. Once I put the first coat on, I thought, “Huh. This is darker than I thought it’d be.”

It was only when I was applying the second coat that I realized I’d taken the wrong bottle. Ah well. It’s not the end of the world, but I did feel pretty silly for not catching my mistake sooner.

Ah, dyslexia. You switched objects on me again, but this time, I wasn’t quick enough to catch on until it was too late.

Hey, at least I didn’t mix up the jelly with the mustard again. That rarely ends well.

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