HomedyslexiaChange Begins Within

I’ve never cared much about the whole Kardashian/Jenner thing. It’s just not my thing.

Recently, though, I have been keeping a casual eye on Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out. Representation is important, and it’s awesome to see a trans woman willing to be so public about her transition. I hope her bravery will encourage greater acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, and for more people to live authentic lives. The more we can normalize folks who don’t conform to strict ideals of gender and sexuality, the better.

Anyway, as I was searching for a quote about dyslexia to turn into an image, Caitlyn’s old name popped up. Apparently, she’s also dyslexic, and the below quote caught my eye.

For all the amazing gifts we have, everyone who splashes around in the neurodiverse pool has unique problems. We don’t learn in the same way most people do, and we perceive the world around us differently. Abuse born of ignorance is the price we pay for being born fundamentally unique.

When you’re told you’re something for the majority of your life, it’s next to impossible not to internalize it. As a result, many LD kids suffer from depression and incredibly low self esteem. Worse yet, those feelings seem justified, because they can’t seem to stop making mistakes with simple tasks.

I still have those problems from time to time. There are weeks, sometimes months, where I can’t seem to do anything correctly, and it starts feeling as if I’m defective. I know that’s not the case, and I always pull out of that cycle once I realize it’s happening, but I doubt I’ll ever be rid of it for good.

Those experiences are why we collectively need to celebrate that which makes us individuals. With each weakness comes some sort of strength. If you want to find that strength, you need to take the first steps yourself. Then it’s up to the rest of us to encourage you and help you develop your new found power.

I think the image of that beautiful rainbow is especially fitting. Storms can ruin days, sometimes destroy lives, but they also bring life with them. We can’t live without diversity any more than we can live without rain.

The day I took that picture, I had been working long hours at a job I hated. By the time I was finally able to go home, it was downpouring. Of course, my umbrella chose that day to break, so I was soaked to the bone and I could feel my lungs warning me of an impending asthma attack. The sun came out unexpectedly, and when I turned the corner, I saw this rainbow.

It’s actually a double rainbow. You can barely see the second arch at the top of the picture.

Chilled, exhausted and sick as I was, it still lightened my mood.

It reminded me that even though I make mistakes, frustrate people and sometimes feel like something someone scraped from their shoe, there’s still greatness within me. Why not concentrate on building on that, than wallowing in my struggles?

How awesome would it be for more people to take that lesson to heart?

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