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5 and 2.

Those two numbers always give me trouble. If you flip a 5 over, it looks like a 2. When you flip a 2 over, it looks like a 5. This makes them exactly the same to my 3D mind.

This Tuesday, 5/5/15, I had a dental appointment. Look at all those 5s! Naturally, I looked at those 5s and thought the appointment was at 2:00.

So, I trotted off to catch my first bus, the 5, at the allotted time, 12:59.

As I was en route downtown, my phone rang.

“Hi, Emilie,” the receptionist chirped. “I show we have you scheduled for an appointment at 1:00 today?”

I paused before replying, “It’s at 1:00? I thought it was at 2.”

“No, we have you at 1. Are you on your way?”

It took me another second to reply, “Yeah. I’m so sorry!! I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“That’s ok, we’ll make it work.” She laughed, “See you then.”

I spent the rest of the ride feeling like a fool, replaying in my head which bus I had to transfer to and trying not to think too hard about the needle waiting to be buried between my teeth and cheek. That part’s worse than the drilling.

By the time we made it downtown, the bus was running late. After taking a deep breath, I approached a lady waiting at the stop, hoping the connecting ride was late, and asked, “Excuse me, but has the 1 come by?”

She gave me a blank look.

“Sorry! The 9! I meant the 9.”

Yep, of course it came by. I’d missed it by a few minutes. Great. Fantastic. So much fun.

After verifying the next bus would stop at the dentist’s office on my phone, I gave them another call, apologized up and down for being even later, and let them know what was happening.

Did I mention I like my dentist’s office? ‘Cause I do. They’re very understanding, and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Still, I hate being late, so I was thrown off until I got there.

To think, all of that could have been avoided if my brain didn’t like switching my 5s and 2s around.

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