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The below images will be typed up and proofed at the end of this entry. I wrote this to help illustrate some of the mistakes I still make before edits and to demonstrate the difference between writing by hand vs typing.

Dyslexia doesn’t go away with adulthood, but practice, accommodation and coping mechanisms do help.

I have chronic tendonitis in both wrists and a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. That’s part of why my handwriting gets worse towards the end. Before those things happened, I still had trouble writing by hand for long, though.

Not long ago, I started following the Dyslexic Renegade‘s Facebook page. Leia wrote that book shortly after her dyslexia diagnosis, and her mom helps her with the page.

About a week ago, she and her mom decided that they wouldn’t correct all of her spelling on the posts Leia makes as another way to raise awareness. Naturally, this took a lot of bravery, because if one thing is prized on the ‘net, and the world at large, it’s “perfection”.

“Perfection” is different for everyone. It could mean pristine spelling/grammar, beautiful selfies, the portrayal of a certain image and many other things.

I asked her mom if she would be ok with my sharing a post on their page in which I let my personal dyslexic errors show. That’s is why I’m writing this right now. I thought it might help Leia and other young dyslexics to see that dyslexic adults still make mistakes, too.

My spelling has improved over the years, but it will never be perfect. I will always need to pour a large amount of time and effort into editing and proofreading my work before sending it off to wherever it’s going. Yes, everyone does that, but dyslexia can double, or sometimes triple, the time spent on that step.

My dyslexic errors are minimized when I type, but writing by hand is when they come out. That might have something to do with the facts I still need to think about how the letters are formed, and spell check doesn’t apply to paper.

I think we need reminders from time to time that no one is perfect. Everyone is at different points in their lives, and just because things are hard now doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way forever.

All that counts is that we all do our best to become the people we want to be.

For now, our imperfections are what make us perfect.

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