HomedyslexiaOrder in the court?

The day before yesterday, I started reading Seeds of Doubt, by Stephanie Kane. So far, I’m quite impressed! Her portrayal of a dyslexic detective is hitting every nail square on the head, as far as less well known traits go.

Of course, it only took ’till the second sentence for my dyslexia to flare up.

I saw “gravel” as “gavel” and immediately started wondering why the dude was walking around on judge’s hammers. Those aren’t the sort of thing that people leave lying around, right?

Unless he was wandering the court and hopping on the bench from time to time.

My mind turned right to the first scenario though. I thought the book was a crime novel, based in the world we all inhabit, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe it’s an alternate reality where gravel and gavels are reversed.

People have to walk on gavels crews put gavels down instead of gravel when repairing roads, and judges throw gravel at people when they want order in the court.

For a few minutes there, I thought I was reading an entirely different book.

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