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Since allergies, asthma and an annoying weather triggered migraine is making word recall entirely too difficult, I’m sharing another strength rooted in my dyslexia.

I’ve always enjoyed photography, even if I’ve never studied it formally. I doubt I’ll ever pursue it as a career, either, but it is a nice hobby. I’ve been told I have a talent for it, so I guess there’s potential there. Since I notice things others don’t seem to, I like capturing them in pictures.

Here are some favorite pictures I’ve taken over the years.

Lost Lake in Iowa
Stairs in one of Iowa’s State Parks. (Mound, I think?)
One of the lock stations along the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis.
Inside the Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis.
Niagara Falls, looking towards Canada.
Both sets of the Niagara Falls.

Detail of Niagara Falls. I thought it was cool how you could see the ledge through the water.
Trees on the Onandoga Lake shore in Syracuse, NY.
Sunset over a field in upstate NY.
Baptism River rapids. This is one of the rivers that feeds into Lake Superior.
Lake Superior through trees.
Leaves casting patterns on our tent wall.
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean. One day, I’ll make it back to the Pacific Northwest.
Sunshine over the…Columbia River. I think? It’s in Washington.

I may not care for water very much, but I sure seem to take lots of pictures of the stuff.

You’ll also notice a distinct lack of sunrises. I’m obviously not a morning person.

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