HomedyslexiaUpside down, backwards? It’s all the same to me.

This week, my husband returned to his job at the landscaping company he works for most of the year. He likes to send me pictures of things he’d think I’ll appreciate, like rainbows, small animals, and strange things that happen on the job site.

This Tuesday, he sent me these two texts.

He’d meant to flip the image, so the text was right side up, but instead so it got flipped horizontally.

Either way, when I looked at it, both pictures looked completely normal to me. I could tell the second one was different somehow, but I couldn’t figure out what had changed until I’d looked at the picture several times.

I know a lot of people, dyslexic or otherwise, have problems reading text when it’s upside down or backwards, but my brain must process information in such a way that it all looks the same to me.

My hubby was so confused when I didn’t respond to both texts, and when I told him why, he just stared for a minute and shook his head.

“You and your brain,” he said.


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